Google Hangout Interview with Katrina Clokie

Spent half an hour talking to Katrina about software testing. Check out the video on Youtube here. Questions include: How did you get into Context Driven Testing? Why do you speak at conferences? What advice would you give to someone who is in the first year of their testing career? What is your biggest achievement of your testing career? What’s the best thing about coaching a team of testers? continue reading

A reflection on Let's Test 2015: Part II

Here’s the link to A reflection on Let’s Test 2015: Part I The sessions (Part II) Below does not include all of the sessions I went to nor all aspects of the session I mention Visual Creativity: Using Sketchnotes and Mindmaps to aid your agile testing - Dan Ashby and Christina Ohanian Before this session I stumbled upon Christina drawing out her sketch notes from the previous session and marvelled at how fascinating it was. continue reading

A reflection on Let's Test 2015: Part I

It was my first time at Let’s Test and I absolutely loved it. My only complaint is - why does it have to be a 24 hour flight from New Zealand?! The interesting thing was that I’ve been following on Twitter about 15 people who were at the conference so it was somewhat surreal meeting these people in real life. This time last year, I saw a lot of noise on Twitter about how amazing it was - so I just HAD to check it out for myself. continue reading

Interview with Shirley Tricker

Shirley Tricker worked in a wide range of IT roles for almost 20 years before starting Elementum, a business that helps people in IT to develop skills, attitudes and habits to be productive and happy in tech roles. Shirley is active in the testing community as an organizer of the Auckland chapter of WeTest, an attendee at the KWST peer conference, and she runs the Auckland Testers Facebook page.She is also co-organiser of the Women in Tech Auckland meetup and she speaks to students via the ICT-Connect programme, which inspires and educates young people about a future in IT. continue reading

Bug Advocacy Part II

Last Tuesday, I gave my Experience Report on Bug Advocacy at the latest WeTest Auckland Meetup. It was a bit daunting - not that the audience had menacing expressions on their faces or anything, but I tend to do a little freak out before I speak in front of people. Something that I need to work on. Here is the link to my Prezi. Below is a reflection on the Bug Advocacy Meetup we had last Tuesday. continue reading

Interview with Kim Engel

Kim Engel is a software test manager focused on user experience and fostering communication between stakeholders. She is a regular attendee of the OZWST peer conference, an avid reader and occasional writer of testing blogs, and an infrequent tweeter @kengel100. Kim is in the process of overcoming 10+ years of traditional testing experience to adopt a Context Driven approach to Testing. What was the hardest part about the transition from a traditional Test Manager to a Context Driven Test Manager? continue reading

Bug Advocacy Part I

Communicate Effectively It’s important to communicate effectively in order to advocate for your bugs in the best possible way - whether that be written or verbal. One of the things I learned from my BBST Experience is that the use of formatting can really help you get a point across. You could: Split it up into paragraphs Use italics Underline subheadings Use bold to highlight important sentences In addition, being able to drive your point home by talking to someone face to face really helps too. continue reading

BBST Foundations: Is it for me?

This blog post is not a promotion for the BBST Foundations course, but it may seem like it - considering I’m very happy with how it went. This blog post, however, is an attempt to address any questions, that may be going through your head when considering this course. Note, these are solely my opinions. Feel free to challenge them where necessary. I’d love to hear where others stand on this. continue reading

3 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills

Last Tuesday I attended a WeTest Auckland Meetup on Effective Communication at Assurity The Experience Report was given by Wil McLellan, who spoke about how he started up EPIC and how his communication skills enabled him to do so. It was a powerful Experience Report that many people found inspiring. Not only this, but we learned some valuable tips as well on communication. 3 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills 1. continue reading

Interview with Aaron Hodder

Aaron Hodder is an experienced and passionate context-driven tester. Before joining Assurity, Aaron worked at Metra Weather as a Test Analyst for the Weatherscape XT product, a weather graphics presentation system used by TV stations nationwide. Aaron is active in the testing community, having co-founded WeTest, attending the peer conference KWST and presenting at STANZ on using Lean Visual methods to plan and report on testing activities. Aaron will be giving a presentation at CAST 2013 on Mind Maps - A practical, lean, visual tool for test planning and reporting continue reading

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