Getting started on a testing project

I started on a new project a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good idea to share a checklist for what new testers on a project need and some good starting questions when you, as a tester, are new on a project

Checklist for what new testers on a project need (Note, your project may not include all of the below)

Note to check if user credentials are needed for any of the below

Some starting questions you can use, if you are new to a project (This isn’t an exhaustive list; only a starting point)

Test Environments


Raising bugs

General Testing

Is there anything I’m missing? Can you think of any other questions to ask? Anything else to add to the checklist? Updated: Have added some more questions and access needed from others, new ones are marked with *. Thanks Danny Dainton, Lim Sim

I have an updated version of this checklist, check out Getting Started On A Test Project Revisited here

For more information on getting started on a testing project, check out my eBook: Starting Your Software Testing Career.