How to write a bug report defect report with an example

Here’s a step by step guide on how to write a bug report /defect report.

First, we need to ask ourselves, why are we writing a bug report?

Keep this in mind when you are writing bugs report.

Here’s a breakdown of field/area that is in most test management tools used to track bugs:



I find it’s useful to break this down into two parts:

Actual Result: What did I see/what happened

Expected Result: What was I expecting?/ What was supposed to happen?

You can also add additional notes on whether you are able to reproduce the issue consistently, but even if you can’t then you should still write the bug report, but it’s even more important to note it’s an intermittent issue.

Steps to replicate:

A step by step guide to someone on how to replicate the bug.

The developer will probably use this to see if they can replicate the bug and investigate it.

Operating System; Browser; Hardware

What Operating System did you see the bug in?

What browser?


Attach screenshots/videos

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