Open Source Projects You Can Contribute To

I’ve often been asked if I know of any open source projects people can contribute to. Here are a few below that you can look into.

I will update this list as more come to my attention.

Go to the bottom for resources on how to contribute to open source.


This is an open source test automation platform for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and APIs.

Languages: Java, TypeScript, HTML, SCSS

Github repo can be found here.


This is a .NET BDD Framework.

Languages: C# (mainly), Gherkin

GitHub repo can be found here.

TAS by LambdaTest

TAS is an intelligent test execution platform for engineering teams.

Languages: Go (mainly), JavaScript

GitHub repo can be found here.

Distribute Aid

Distribute Aid delivers humanitarian aid to communities in need.

Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, Elixir, CSS

GitHub repo can be found here.

Software Testing Conferences

Here is list of Software Testing conferences around the world to attend and/or speak at.

Languages: SCSS, HTML, Ruby,

GitHub repo can be found here.

Thanks to Markus Tacker, Bas Dijkstra, Himanshu Sheth and Chris Kenst for drawing some of these to my attention.

Additional resources