Starting Your Software Testing Career Book

About the Book:

In this book, I will share the different paths you can take towards becoming a software tester, useful ways you can up-skill along with what I wish I knew in my first year of testing.

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You can also buy my book as part of the Test Fundamentals bundle, along with ‘Would Heu-risk-it?’.

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“Finally, the book I can recommend to encourage people with diverse education, background and experience to consider a career in testing! Learn basic testing concepts and practices, along with links to resources for deeper knowledge. Get sound advice on highlighting your relevant skills in your CV and in interviews, even with no direct testing experience. Lots of reassurance and encouragement here. Get a sense of what your testing job will be like, and a great checklist to help you get started when you’re hired.”

Lisa Crispin, co-founder, Agile Testing Fellowship Inc.

“Really well done. I liked how action oriented you were able to make the book while still adding a lot of context and scene setting for newer engineers.”

Aaron McTavish, Director of Engineering, UK

“I really enjoyed reading the book and it’s absolutely perfect for individuals who want to start a career in Software Testing but also to individuals who want to improve their current testing skills. The structure is well broken down into different areas and it’s easily digestible. Readers can have the option to read all the chapters or just the chapters that they feel are most important to them. Apart from key concepts that people need to know within testing, Nicola also provided additional input on how to find a mentor and why it’s important, how to build your network and how to work closely with developers. Nicola also provided insights on what other skills a software tester needs to have such as spotting and testing implicit requirements, and how heuristics can help. Lastly, the checklist that Nicola has written at the end of the chapter is valuable and useful for people who are going to start with their project! I personally think that this will also be useful for software testers that have been in the industry for a while. Overall, I would totally recommend this to anyone I know.”

Marie Drake, Quality Engineering Manager, UK

“Written in a language easily understandable to anyone. Packed with strategies and practical tips on how to start and evolve in your software testing journey.

I really appreciate Nicola’s tips on how to kick-start your testing career and how to stay motivated in “Chapter 3: Getting Your First Job As A Software Tester”. These incredibly helpful tips are a great way to broaden one’s horizons and prepare for job hunting.”

Anna Makuchova, Software Testing Student, Sweden

“So many testing resources are a flood of information. Nicola does a great job of distilling what you need to know to get started in software testing from the world’s foremost experts, herself included.”

Elizabeth Zagroba, Quality Lead, Netherlands

“Hello new tester, Nicola has compiled this excellent starter just for you. Your new guide contains wisdom from many intellects in the industry. I hope you take advantage of this as your compass into the world of testing. My favourite section is Chapter 9, because it highlights that testing is not just a box ticking exercise (you’ll see). Good luck in your testing adventure!”

Phil Wong, Test Engineer, UK