Choosing what not to write automated tests for

While it’s important to make sure your test automation has good coverage, I think it’s also important to know under which circumstances you should not write automated tests.

In my opinion, when it comes to test automation, more isn’t necessarily better.

More tests don’t necessarily result in better coverage.

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Interview with Marie Drake

Marie Drake is a Quality Engineering Manager at Zoopla. Previously, she was a Principal Test Automation Engineer at News UK within the Product Platforms team where she was responsible for setting up the overall QA strategy and ensuring that they deliver a high quality product to end users. Part of her role is to also educate everyone about Software Testing and Test Automation so the responsibility of testing is shared across the team.

In the past, she has worked as a Test Automation Consultant having worked with different clients from different industries to help them speed up their testing cycles.

She is also a Cypress ambassador, an accessibility advocate and an online course instructor at Ministry of Testing and Test Automation University.

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Do I prefer manual testing or test automation?

We had our weekly European tech team meeting today and the format was to be randomly assigned someone and then ask them questions about work or their project. We posed these questions to our partner in front of everyone else, and everyone else heard the answer.

I was randomly paired up with Joāo -who asked me if I prefer manual testing or test automation?

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Tackling Test Automation Part I: What problem are you trying to solve?

For the past seven months, since I came back from maternity leave, I’ve spent the majority of my time focussing on test automation. I have both set up a test automation framework as well as overhauled two existing test automation frameworks for mobile (both Android and iOS).

But one of the struggles I have faced is not getting lost as to fail to see the forest for the trees. During the day to day, it can be easy to be constantly knee deep in code and forget the problem I am actually trying to solve. Why am I actually doing test automation in the first place?

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How to add an image for multiple locales using XCTest

An annoying thing I’ve had to deal with recently is adding an image (both where you take a photo with the camera and also from the gallery).

You might think that sounds pretty straight forward, but when you want to run your test in multiple locales then “Choose from library” and “Upload photo” etc just doesn’t quite cut it.

Attempts to record the steps I took within the gallery view also proved futile, as I could not actually record what I did there.

Here is how I went about adding images to my tests:

    func testAddPhoto() {

        let addPhotoButton = app.tabBars.buttons[LocalizedString(\”\”)].firstMatch

        let photoLibraryButton = app.staticTexts[LocalizedString(\”photo.library.button\”)].firstMatch

        let takePhotoButton = app.staticTexts[LocalizedString(\”\”)].firstMatch


        XCTAssertEqual(waiterResultWithExpectation(photoLibraryButton), .completed)




        //here I am selecting the first image album


        //opted for a sleep to give it time for the images to appear


        //selecting the most recent image