Bloggers Club: What's the most fun you've had with a bug

Project context

At my first ever project, I was one of the UAT testers for an internal application (only business user facing), where you would have to create different types of profiles (for people or for organisations) and then later edit those profiles or use those profiles to do certain things (I can’t be too specific sorry).

The approach we took was to write test cases based on the requirements and then when the SUT (Software Under Test) was ready, we would then execute those test cases.

What happened

Some of the profiles I created could not be found later, even if a confirmation message had appeared saying that the profile creation was successful.

This was an intermittent issue.

The thing is, back then, I didn’t know how to check the developer console so I wasn’t specifically checking that a network request had actually gone through, I just took the confirmation message on the screen at face value when it said the profile creation was successful.

The “fun” I had

Since this was an intermittent issue, I first thought that it was a tester error and that I had mistyped the name of the people I would later search for. (I actually though this for a fair few times before I realised I wasn’t actually consistently making typos)

To try and tackle this, I then started writing detailed notes of each profile I created to make sure that I could find that person later. I would also double; triple check the screen to make sure that I hadn’t inadvertently done typos during the profile creation.

What happened after

Turns out there was an intermittent issue between the SUT and another one it integrated with, so I got to learn how to test with SOAPUI and learn the importance of not always accepting things at face value.

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