Testbash Brighton 2019 Conference Day Part II of II

Part I is here

Here are some of my key learnings on the last 3 talks I was able to attend at Testbash Brighton 2019 before I had to leave early to catch my flight back home.

Gareth Waterhouse and Lindsay Strydom: Building Communities at Scale

  • 12 QAS
  • 1 location
  • Around 5 teams
  • “Where we’re going, we don’t need a community”
  • They currently have around 120QAs (this number fluctuates due to contractors)
  • 4 locations – 3 in the UK, 1 in India
  • Different tech stacks/languages
  • Around 70 dev teams
Dealing with growth:
  • Before, they would send meeting invites for 16:30 UK time, this was roughly 22:00 in India.
  • Then they started having 2 clocks in the room, so they could consider time differences when scheduling meetings
They faced challenges in scheduling meetups for the testing community:
After Testbash 2018, Lindsay felt inspired. A few days away from the office gave her time to reflect about the current lack of a testing community.
They then scheduled an unworkshop to discuss exactly what they didn’t want in a testing community.
They looked into overcoming challenges:
  • Different formats e.g. testsphere, eating lunch together etc.
  • Multiplate locations
  • Different times of day
  • Community driven (not just by one person)
  • Increase publicity for the test community
What\’s next and how to set up for success:

Eric Proegler: Continuous Performance Testing

Sites go down because of arrival rate –> it’s because of the sudden arrival of lots of users.
Common approach to load testing, gradually ramp up the numbers of users like it’s a stairs approach. But this doesn’t happen in real life.
I took a lot of photos during this presentation and I wasn’t fast enough to write too many notes during this presentation.
Here are some of the slides that stood out to me:

Conor Fitzgerald: Benefits of exploring other industries and disciplines

Does the culture of a company affect the quality of the testing?
3 different company cultures that Conor experienced:
Controlled, conservative, checking
Energy, empathy, exploring
Autonomy, Anarchy, Automation (he initially thought it was the 3Es)
Discovered CDT, Principle 4 stood out to Conor:
  • Focus on preventing crashes
  • Checklists (e.g. pilot checklists before takeoff) –> checklists are also used in healthcare and construction
  • Pairing: Modern aircraft designed to be flown by 2< people because it’s mentally taxing to fly
  • Blameless culture
  • A culture of questioning – people are encouraged to ask questions. *Korean Air story from Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell  

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