My experience at Agile Testing Days 2018

I had seen blog posts and activity on Twitter in the years leading up to my first ever Agile Testing Days (ATD(- it seemed like people really enjoyed this conference, so it’s safe to say I was glad to get  this email from Uwe saying:

“Congratulations, you are part of the Agile Testing Days 10th anniversary as a speaker with: Bringing in change when you don’t have a “leadership” job title! “
For me, this is a BIG conference, a lot of people; a lot of attendees and A LOT of tracks – won’t deny I found this intimidating as there were a lot of interesting talks/workshops at the same time. Looking back at this conference, one thing that really stands out to me is choice: Which will I see? Which am I prepared to miss out on?
If you’re thinking of going to a future Agile Testing Days conference, whether it be the one in Potsdam or the one in the US, I strong recommend you do so! I had a great time! There were lots of interesting talks and workshops! There was also plenty of opportunity for great conversations with the other attendees!

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My experience at Belgrade Test Conference 2018

Just under two weeks ago, I flew to Belgrade for the first time, to present my talk: “What I wish I knew in my first year of testing” at the Starter track. 

According to the conference site the Starter track:

“will focus more on the role of testing in general and software development basics, as well as some technical showcases of what testing actually looks like. 

It is well suited for people who want to start their careers in software testing or deepen their understanding of testing.”
The conference had 3 parallel tracks – 1 Starter and 2 tester tracks, based on my understanding, people could only get access to either the 2 tester tracks or the 1 Starter track.
It was my second time presenting this talk (after presenting it at Eurostar 2016) but this time the talk was very different, same core idea but the actual material itself was about 30-40% different and organised/structured very differently.
I arrived in Belgrade on the evening of November 8, about 6 hours late due to a missed connection, so unfortunately I missed out the Speakers dinner (while the other speakers were having delicious Serbian food I was eating lots of bread and chocolate in various airports).

The Talks

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